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Current Accounts

A current account offers a safe place to store your day-to-day money. Most people will be able to open a standard current account, which will offer a chequebook and a cash card.

Below are a list of the basic bank accounts which we recommend to people who find it difficult opening a normal bank account.

Basic Bank Accounts

ProviderName of Account
Co-operative Cashminder Account
Barclays Cash Card Account
Nationwide Cash Card Account
Bank of Scotland Easycash Account
Halifax Easycash Account
Lloyds TSB Cash Account
NatWest Step Account
Royal Bank of Scotland Key Account
Santander Basic Account
HSBC Basic Bank Account

Advantages of a Basic Bank Account

  • Setup through a government scheme aimed to giving everyone access to banking facilities.
  • Allows you to pay in wages, benefits, tax credits and state pension.
  • Most give you a debit card which you can use to pay for goods and services, for shopping online and for getting cashback.
  • Most will also allow you to arrange standing orders, direct debits and one-off money transfers to pay bills and other payments.
  • You will never go overdrawn as you are not given an overdraft.
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