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Trust Deed

The Scottish equivalent of an IVA (but better).

  • Only available to residents of Scotland.
  • Must have more than £5,000 unsecured debt levels.
  • Must owe to a minimum of 2 creditors.
  • Must be in employment.
  • 48 monthly payments and your debt free.

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What are the advantages of a Trust Deed?

There are a number of advantages to a Trust Deed over things like sequestration (bankruptcy) and a debt management plan.

  • Less pressure, as all correspondence with creditors is dealt with by the Trustee
  • A sequestration can cost more to administer than a Trust Deed.
  • Information on a Trust Deed is not published, unlike a sequestration.
  • Stop interest and charges. Creditors cannot add on any interest or charges while in a Trust Deed.
  • A protected Trust Deed usually lasts for 4 years, after which any remaining debt is written off.
  • You will often be able to remain self employed, director of a company or in public office.

Trust Deed Example

Here is an example of how a Trust Deed can help you with your debt problems.

Unsecured Loan: £12,000
Credit Card: £8,000
Store Card: £4,000
Total owed: £24,000

48 monthly payments: £250

Total repayment: £12,000

Debt written off: 50%

Trust Deeds vary and what you can afford towards your debts is the main factor.

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